When I was in high school in the 80’s I took a semester of Environmental Science. I don’t remember the teacher’s name but she was nice enough. Being the impressionable teenager that I was at the time I bought into the global warming indoctrination that she was passing off as education. We even watched Soylent Green in class. For the next 10 or 15 years I believed and even preached the lie. At what point I’m not sure I started to look past the head lines. And for what reasons I don’t remember why I started to question the so called science of consensus and all the fearmongering that is the argument for global warming/climate change/climate uncertainty. And then I stumbled on Michael Crichton’s book State of Fear. Michael Crichton, brain surgeon originally, was one of the best fact based fiction authors of his time. He also bought into the lie that is global warming. He bought into it so much that he wanted to write a novel about it. So being the outstanding author that he was he began to research his subject matter and found that it was all a scam/political power grab. So he went through with the project and wrote his novel about global warming anyway but its not about selling the lie its about exposing it. This novel is full of footnotes that take you to the bibliography in the back pages of the book where you will be directed to all the college and government and various other sources he used for his book. Going through those was just as interesting as the novel was. Of course I don’t hang my hat of dissent on this one book. I take the time to constantly research my arguments against as well as the arguments for this lie. I am always accused by those who don’t take the time to do their own homework of wanting dirty air and dirty water and when I throw reasoned arguments back at them they just shout their accusations towards me even louder. I will keep speaking the truth even though I sometimes feel like a voice in the wilderness.

I recently did something that I have never done before. I went on a long road trip with a friend. Just the two of us on a four-day drive to Alaska. There is a lot of stuff going on in both of our lives so we had a lot to talk about right out of the driveway. I think we had gone like 250 miles before one us of decided to take a break from the conversations and play something through the car stereo knowing that there would be more conversation taking place later.

When you are in confined quarters as we were for as long as we were you get to know each other a lot more than when you are at each other’s house or in a larger group of friends. On the downside you find out that things you love to do are things they find extremely boring. You find that audio books you were excited to hear are ones that put them to sleep. On the upside you find that you share the same views on faith, family, and politics. So when you are listening to other audio books that you both like you can stop the playback and have deep discussions about a particular point the author just made. You find that they are a great sounding board to vent all your frustrations onto. All this without the worry of having to cut things short because of time constraints.

So this was the best formula for a road trip that I have had in a long time. Outside of traveling alone with the wife or just one of the kids of course. Most of the time when you are faced with a long  journey all you are concerned with is conquering all those hundreds of miles. Not this time. I was apprehensive about covering over 650 miles each day for multiples of days, but that went away half way through the first day. Each night when we decided on a stopping point I found myself looking forward to the following days journey.   

So if you ever have the chance to go a long multi-day road trip with a friend that you never really get to hang out with one on one, go for it. You will most likely leave the driveway as friends, and return as really good friends.

So to my recent travel buddy, I would do it again. But, maybe to a different destination just to keep things fresh.

This is a tragic event where a few people died and lots got hurt and may yet die as a result of thier injuries. I feel sorry for all those affected by this.

That is about all that the news rooms should be saying this early on. But no they can’t help themselves. They keep reporting without knowing anything. Honestly they should just come right out and say something like this. “This just in. Something bad happened in Norway. We don’t really know what happened but we are going start making wild assumptions, and report  them as facts. What ever the death toll is we will inflate that number by about a dozen because hey it’s early and nobody knows the facts just yet so we could be close. We will continue to roll that same 30 second cell phone video that all the other news rooms are playing over and over and over. On the line now is Mr Nobody from no where near this tragedy with no new information. Mr. Nobody, “What do you think was going through everyones mind when this thing happened?”

I quit regularly reading and watching the main stream news a long time ago, and what I caught a glimps of today reminded me why I stopped.

The recent issue of National Geographic has a couple of articles in it that leave me wondering.

The first article talks about the Manate off the coast of Florida. It appears that they are at risk because the coastal waters there are getting too cold!!! They don’t have enough blubber to insulate themselves and apparently any instinct to migrate further south to warmer waters. So if nothing changes with the environment there they will die, and I am sure it’s all America’s fossil fuel loving fault.

The second article is about the Polar Bears up north. Supposedly it is getting too warm for them and they are falling through the ice and drowning because everywhere they go the ice is too thin, and they don’t have enough instinct either or they would just stay closer to the land. Again this is most likely America’s fossil fuel loving fault.

So which is it. Is the planet heating up or cooling off? Or do we not have a clue since we avoid factoring into our weather models the highly variable effects of such things as the sun, and volcanic activity. I guess this is why the phrase “Global Warming” has been replaced with “Climate Change.”  With this new term we can blame anything we want on those evil carbon using humans. So now when the ice recedes up north at the same time that it expands in the south we can call that climate change and enact power grabbing federal policy that will do nothing but relieve us of our liberties.

Here is a thought about what to do about taxes and spending at the federal level.

First, cut spending back to pre-Iraq war levels. No loopholes no special cases just good old fashioned across the board cuts. Every part of the federal government will have some skin in the game.

Then, tweak the tax code so there is no such thing as a 0% tax rate. Everyone will pay a minimum of 1% of their adjusted gross income. That includes the single mother with 3 kids, the senior citizen on a fixed income, the Wall Street tycoon, and the gigantic corporation. No more of this itemizing, and taking tax credits to reduce your income down to a level below the line that puts you in the free ride category. Everyone will have skin in the game.

Obama said over and over during his campaign for president that everyone will have skin in the game when it came to his fiscal policy. Except that the only skin he seems to be after is the pound of flesh he wants to take from those who make over $250K per year, or is it $200K per year. I’m not sure the target keeps moving down. For someone like me who has been able to take advantage of all the deductions and tax credits to get down to a 0% tax rate, a 1% tax on my adjusted gross income barely even qualifies as skin in the game. It’s more like the dead skin that sheds off at night while sleeping. I would still get a sizable amount of tax relief but I would be able to say that I PAY TAXES. Unlike GE who loopholed their way out of paying taxes recently. I’m not a hate the rich, hate the private business kind of a person I am just using myself and GE as an example of why a new 1% minimum tax rate would make such a huge difference. I mean you always hear the sound byte that says 50% of the working people in the country don’t pay any taxes. Imagine what the federal coffers would look like if that same 50% paid 1%.

Then of course to keep everything in order so that this country’s fiscal polices remain sound a balanced budget amendment needs to be ratified.

I once heard a great description of “Eternity” on a TV show, of all places. It was a show staring Dan Akroyd portraying a Minister who is also a single father to like 4 kids. He was trying to get his kids to grasp the magnitude of “Eternity” and he gave this description.

Imagine a flag pole, and on the top of that flag pole is a large solid brass ball say 3 feet in diameter. Now once every 1000 years a dove flies by and the tip of the dove’s wing just barely touches that brass ball. This keeps happening over and over. When that really hard solid brass ball has been eroded down to nothing by that really soft touch of a dove’s wing once every 1000 years, that will be just the beginning of eternity.

How would you describe eternity?


I have always wanted to start a blog. I saw an article about it and decided to take the plunge. I will post about political things, social things, religious things, movie reviews. What ever is driving me nuts at the time or what ever I am excited about. The biggest reason for starting this is to take some of the heated discussions away from Facebook. I just don’t think Facebook is the proper forum for long winded rants. The name of my domain vox-on if you have not already figured it out is Latin for voice-on. I tried to pick something meaningful and unique. I guess you will be the judge of that. So there you have it. Short and kind of to the point unlike some of my writings.